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Neo-Garveyism Corner

   This section of the house of knowledge website is to promote, build upon and develop the philosophical/ideological legacy of Marcus Mosiah Garvey. It aims to bring you the views and ideas of those Africans who are working to ensure that Garveyism is refined and updated so that it addresses the problems of the 21st Century and beyond.

  Black Power Pan-Africanism or Neo-Garveyism is in essence, Nyerere’s Sub-Sahara Pan-Africanism plus Garvey’s Black superpower project as its paramount project. The Nigerian scholar Chinweizu tells us why we need Neo-Garveyism?

"Pan-Africanism needs a new agenda, a new agenda for a new century, an agenda that can actually solve our cardinal problems, the enduring problems facing the Black race, namely, powerlessness and poverty and racism."

    If we want to abolish our powerlessness, if we want to abolish our poverty,the theme or objective of Pan Africanism needs to change from African Unity to Black African Power and Prosperity; if Pan-Africanism is to become once again relevant to the ordinary people, it must return to its pre-1958 ethos and become the champion of the reforms that will give the ordinary Black African a life of prosperity and dignity.

    Let me point out that:

Racism will not disappear until there is a Black superpower on earth, and a USofAfrica will not be a superpower. Therefore, the problem of the 21st century is not the problem of African unity, or the problem of the color line, but the problem of Black African power: how to build it, and enough of it to stop the extermination of Blacks that is now in process, and to compel the respect of all humanity and guarantee the survival, sovereignty and dignity of the Black race. " (Excerpt from Abuja statement on Neo-Garveyism)

Documents available for Download:

  1. 1900 Conference resolution.pdf
  2. 1900 petition to Queen Victoria.pdf
  3. Abuja Statement on Neo-Garveyism.pdf
  4. African Fundamentalism by Marcus Garvey.pdf
  5. Declaration on Rights of Negroes, 1920.pdf
  6. Du Bois on The early PACs.pdf
  7. Garvey's Report Card.pdf
  8. Looking back at 7th PAC--reviews by participants.pdf
  9. Neo-Garveyism or Continentalism--the Pan-Africanism for the 21st century 2.pdf
  10. Nyerere, Reflections--Dec. 1997.pdf
  11. Race First Doctrine.pdf
  12. Report on 7th PAC--from the USA.pdf
  13. US delegation and the 7th PAC.pdf