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Chinweizu Corner

Chinweizu corner

This section of the House of Knowledge is used to publicise a series of articles written by the Nigerian scholar Dr Chinweizu (author of ‘The West and the rest of Us’ and ‘Decolonizing the African Mind’).

In these articles Dr Chinweizu highlights the largely ignored process of forced ‘Arabisation’ and anti-African genocide that has been taking place across Northern Africa for hundreds of years. He also questions the pursuit of what he terms ‘Continentalist pan-Africanism’ by most African pan-Africanists given this foregoing racialised assault by Arabs and Arabised Africans and instead suggests that the pursuit of Black Power pan-Africanism (BPPA) is a more rational concept for African (Black) people to organise around.


  1. Van Sertima (edited)(pdf)

  2. Education for Liberation in Black Africa(pdf)

  3. Diop--Rehabilitating African Self-Image (12) (edited) (pdf)

  4. Black Egypt (edited)(pdf)

  5. Abuja Statement on Neo-Garveyism.pdf

  6. Abuja paper 5A.pdf

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