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About the Author

    Paul Ifayomi Grant is the author of six exciting and dynamic books 'Niggers, Negroes, Black People and Afrikans' and 'Blue Skies for Afrikans', ‘Saving Our Sons’, ‘Sankofa the Wise Man and His Amazing Friends’,  ‘Why Willie Lynch Must Die’ and 'Buy Now, Pay Later'.

Ifayomi has provided both analysis, description and prescription for what it takes to move Afrikan people from a state of dependency and weakness to independence and strength in his solution oriented works.

Ifayomi was born in Edmonton, North London, in 1966, the second of three children. He was schooled in Edmonton and Enfield until the age of 18. He has worked in a variety of roles in the Midlands, including running his own recruitment consultancy business, working in prisons and with ex-offenders as an Employment/Training Adviser, working as a Training & Development Manager, Community Safety Consultant, and most recently as the Deputy Chief Executive of a community regeneration programme where he had overall responsibility for project delivery, partnership working and Human Resource issues.

In February 2006 Ifayomi completed the circle and returned to self-employment and he now works as a writer as well as operating his own consultancy firm Paul Grant & Associates Ltd.

He is an active member of the Afrikan community and is involved in a number of community groups, most notably: Nubian Link a community education group,ABDF Ltd (formerly Afrikan Business Development Fund) a community economic development company which he conceived and co-founded, Vice-Chair and co-founder of the Nottingham Black Families in Education Parent Support Group which provides educational advocacy and support. He was a founder member of Brother II Brother an Afrikan men’s group that delivered rites of passage programmes (1998-2008). He is an executive member of the Foundation for the Sustainable Development of Africa (FOSDAF) an international group promoting grassroots Afrikan economic empowerment.

Ifayomi also helped to create the Empower Group, a support group for Afrikans working in mentoring, which over time has transformed to become a group of friends who support each other on their life journeys.
He is the son of Orinthea and Reuben Grant. He is married to a beautiful Afrikan queen Beverley and they have two lovely children Jawanza Kwesi and Abiba Ashia Orinthea. He has an elder brother Nigel and a younger sister Tracey.