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This site is designed to be a home for those seeking critical, life-sustaining Pan-Afrikanist information in these turbulent times; when disinformation and pacification of the masses via consumerism, entertainment, terror alerts and hedonism have become the norm.

  I do not ask you to take anything contained within this site at face value, in fact I urge you to ...

critically assess the facts, ideas and opinions set before you and use them as a stimulus to conduct your own research and reach your own conclusions.

 There is a dire need for those Afrikan people who like to describe themselves as ‘conscious’ to step up to the plate and engage in focused co-operative activity and institution building. If this type of practical action matched the huge amount of ‘Black rhetoric’ Afrikans would not be in our current dire predicament.

Some things we can all do:

1.Join an organisation committed to the liberation of Afrikan people; or if you cannot find one that is suitable, start one.

2.Study. Read more serious material and watch less television.

3.Put your money where your mouth is. Invest in those groups and individuals that are committed to the liberation of Afrikan people. Have a look at what we are doing in the ABDF Ltd as an example.

4.Don’t give up. As you identify problems, develop solutions.

Your comments and feedback on the content and design of this website are welcomed. Please remember to participate in the discussion forum where you can communicate with people from across the globe. Also, if you have not done so already sign up for the free e-newsletter ‘The Navig8or’ which is published on a bimonthly basis. If you like what we do, support what we do.

Because FREEDOM isn’t FREE!

Asante Sana

Paul Ifayomi Grant




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